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What Is CPA Program?

CPA ProgramCPA or Cost per Action program is pricing program based on total number of action in response to your ad. An action may be defined as a sales transaction, a customer acquisition, or simply a click. This program is also known as cost-per-transaction or cost-per-acquisition. It means the advertisers will pay you when visitors click your ad and do ‘action’ on your site. Continue reading What Is CPA Program?

The Benefit of Using Google AdWords

1Google AdWords is a paid advertisement service which is released by the great search engine, Google. This service uses a work system which puts your advertisement on search engine page. Your ad will be displayed on the right page side if internet users type keyword which matches with your ad keyword. Besides, it also uses a mechanism payment which is called Pay per Click which means you only pay ad cost based on total number of visitors which click your ad. Thus, you can manage and save your money because theoretically Google AdWords is able to match your ad with your budget.  Continue reading The Benefit of Using Google AdWords