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Questionnaires on the Internet (4)

questionaireAlternatively, you might seek to avoid this problem by contacting the head of a discussion list to ask for their help as a gatekeeper (Witmer et al. 1999). Another method of gaining respondents is to set up a website to tell people about the project and then put the details of the project on search engines (Harris 1996). Continue reading Questionnaires on the Internet (4)

Questionnaires on the Internet (2)

questionaireFinally, you should try to ensure that each question fits on a page and that the spacing is appropriate (Anderson 1998).

When sending the questionnaire to participants via e-mail one of the simplest ways is to send them an exact copy of a paper based version as an attachment that they can fill out on screen and return via e-mail. Continue reading Questionnaires on the Internet (2)