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Threats on Social Networking-1

social-media-ballThe popularity of social networking is increasing, and this popularity has also attracted large amounts of malware. One of the main attack techniques used in social networking sites involves the use of a shortened URL. Under normal circumstances, the shortened URL is used to efficiently send a link within the e-mail or on web pages to other web pages. Continue reading Threats on Social Networking-1

How do Hackers Target the Attacks


The high activity also encourages the use skyrocketing information technology that increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. Thus, the main highlight in this report include a dramatic increase both in frequency and sophistication of attacks targeted at the enterprise environment, continued growth of social networking sites as a place to spread the attack, and attackers change tactics infection, which is increasingly targeting vulnerabilities in Java in order to break into traditional computer systems. Continue reading How do Hackers Target the Attacks

6 Basic Step of Network Security

You can do the following steps to increase you network security level:

1. Change the System ID (Identity)
Usually a wireless service comes with a standard security or identity is often called the SSID (Service Set Identifier) ​​or ESSID (Extended Service Set Identifier). It is easy for a hacker to find out the identity of the default of a service or network, so you need to turn it into a unique identity, which is not easy to guess someone else. Continue reading 6 Basic Step of Network Security