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How Do You Protect Against Advanced Targeted Attacks?

An advanced targeted attack is a consistent campaign aimed at gaining access to a company’s private and confidential information. Also known as advanced persistent threats (APTs), these attacks have become increasingly common with the prevalence of social networking sites and the integration of mobile wireless technology in the workplace. Hackers and corporate espionage agents utilize vulnerabilities in networks and employees to trigger a series of events that open the company up to serious risks. Most APTs are conducted with very specific goals of obtaining certain information within an organization and are typically not for immediate financial gain, but for informational gathering. They may use this information to harm your business’s reputation and business practices. Continue reading How Do You Protect Against Advanced Targeted Attacks?

Protection for Our Account Data

In modern era, most people use internet to support their activities. For some people, internet is one of the primary needs. They usually do many activities through internet, like saving their important digital data and information on their websites or social networks. They think that internet is a safer place to do many activities. Continue reading Protection for Our Account Data