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Frequency Modulation (FM) Guide (2)

fm2Stereo FM-Multiplex Transmission

Ahead of 1961, monaural broadcast of audio signals was the typical for FM, AM and TELEVISION. FM shows at that point also contained Subsidiary Communications Authorization (SCA) solutions which were multiplexed together with the chief monophonic route to supply music and additional providers to shops and workplaces. In 1961, the Federal Communications Commission authorized the tranny of stereophonic sound, which stretches the notion of multiplexing indicators to create stereo sound. Continue reading Frequency Modulation (FM) Guide (2)

Frequency Modulation (FM) Guide


Edwin L. Armstrong, called among the founding fathers of stereo technologies, devised the super heterodyne radio receiver in 1918 and frequency modulation (FM) in 1933. Both of these ideas, together with his regenerative signal method created in 1912, created the foundation of radio frequency electronics as we understand it now. Continue reading Frequency Modulation (FM) Guide