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How to Take Care Your Mobile Phone (2)

Have you know the tips and tricks to take care your mobile phone? Here are some tips (continued from the previous article):

  1. Write down the IMEI number, pin of the security code and your PIN code and save it in a safe place as backup if you forget. IMEI can be used to authenticate if your phone is lost or to find security code (by the help of software such as m code) in case you forgot. Note also will help if you forgot your PIN code (sim card code) so that no events in your SIM card permanently block because of enter the PIN code and PUK wrongly.
  2. Clean up your Mobile with a lap at all times and do not use chemicals to clean them although there is a liquid such as contact cleaner that can clean the components in the mobile phone’s component as well as the use by the NII in the less skilled can actually cause damage
  3. Use of safety such as cell phone holster / mobile phone’s bag. Not only to prevent the risk of falls, the phone’s bag probably will resist water and dust to enter the phone quickly
  4. Put the phone did not place water and dust. Also avoid putting your phone in place by radiation and high magnetic fields. Put the phone in places with high magnetic field will force the phone to discharge a maximum to get the best signal. Usually the phone gets hot and battery drained faster.
  5. Avoid putting the phone in hot areas exceeding room temperature, and places with high condensation


I hope after implementing these tips and tricks, you lifetime of your mobile phones can be longer than ever.

How to Take Care Your Mobile Phone (1)


We believe that all of us are using mobile phone every day. Since we get up in the morning until we sleep at night, especially for those who are using smart phone such as iPhone, BB, Android’s phone, etc. But, have you know the tips and tricks to take care your mobile phone? Here are some tips:

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