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Benefits of Using Video Converter for Mac

“Arghhhhh!! Why I can’t play this AVI video on my iPad???” That was my brother scream. Have you ever got the same problem? If you have, calm down guys! It’s true that you can’t play the AVI video on your Apple but if you really want to watch the video on your Apple, you can convert the video first. How? Use video converter for Mac. This converter is the best converter because it offers lot of benefits like: Continue reading Benefits of Using Video Converter for Mac

Some Popular Video Formats

Have you ever recorded a moments? If you have, do you know about video format that you use? You might not know about that video format especially if you only record video to have fun. Actually it is not mistake but it’s better for you to know about video format so you can enlarge knowledge. To help you learn about video format, below is information about some popular video formats that are often used. Continue reading Some Popular Video Formats

Online Storage Backup

online storage

You must have experienced one of the several events of the following: your computer crashed suddenly and you haven’t saved important data into external hardisk, you forget to bring data home from your office computer, or other similar events. One solution to overcome your problems is by using online storage backup, like the software provided by My PC Backup. Continue reading Online Storage Backup