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Why Does Computer Run Slowly?

slow running com.You definitely feel annoyed when your personal computer runs slowly, right? This usually happens because of out of date computer’s specifications and a lot of temporary files. Nevertheless, what if your computer has updated specifications and little temporary files but this device still runs slowly? You have to find out other causes.

Below are some causes of slow running computer: Continue reading Why Does Computer Run Slowly?

Computer’s Functions Depend on Its Components

fix_problems_People need computer to do their activities all day. Many activities can’t be finished without using computer. Communicating with other people through internet connection by utilizing social networks and sending report to your boss and fellow workers through email require you to use computer. Besides, you can also type documents using your computer before printing it out. Doing some business uses computer absolutely. However, while using computer all time, do you know functions of it? If you hadn’t known, below are some functions of computers: Continue reading Computer’s Functions Depend on Its Components